Repairs & Products

We offer a variety of services, including repairs, rehubs, alterations and blueprinting for increased performance. Dealers receive a 15% discount on repairs before weld and/or severe damage charges. Scroll to the bottom of the page for mailing instructions.

Stainless Steel and Aluminum

DiameterAluminumStainless SST/Satin BuffHigh Polish
Thru 11”$55.00$85.00N/A
11 ¼” – 13 ¼”$70.00$125.00$175.00
13 ½” – 15 ½”$80.00$190.00$250.00
15 ¾”-17”$90.00$250.00$300.00

***All 4 blade props add $20.00

Cup only- High Performance Props

3 Blade $40.00

4 Blade $48.00

*Welding charges vary by size and placement**Severe damage charges may be added to ANY prop that falls outside the scope of normal repairs, such as severe bends, gouges, plier marks, etc.*

Brass and Duo Sets

3 Blade Brass $175.00

4 Blade Brass $200.00

4 Blade 17” Wake Pro $250.00

Bravo III, Volvo, and all other Duo Props $500 per set

Re-hubbing Services

A & B Class$60.00
C Class$75.00
D Class$80.00
E Class$95.00

***Some hubs may vary in price***

We also weld rigid hubs into cracked Yamaha T1/T2s – $150

Propeller Sales

Port City is currently a PowerTech and Solas dealer and can drop ship directly to you. We also have a variety of new and used name brands such as Mercury, Yamaha, OMC, and others. We do accept trades, but must see the prop in person. Call for availability and pricing!

***Instructions for mailing props***

  • When packaging your prop for shipment, use plenty of padding and a durable box as not to damage prop further while in transit, and for us to safely return your reworked prop.
  • Include a detailed note with your name, phone number, return address, and the services requested. If there is no contact info, we wont work on your prop until we hear from you, meaning longer wait times for you!
  • Mail all props to:

Port City Propeller

2011 N 6th St.

Fort Smith, AR 72904